Floating massage

Ultimate relaxation

Before you were born you didn't know any better: your world consisted of water. Safe, soft, warm water. Aqua Relax brings you back to that natural state of being.

The human body consists for the most part of water. At Aqua Relax you are carried by the water, while I stimulate relaxation through small flowing movements. Once you have surrendered to the carrying capacity of the water, you experience a feeling of total weightlessness. As a result, the muscles and nervous system enter a state of deep relaxation and serenity. Your body and mind come to rest, you become one with the water. An Aqua Relax session is a blessing, repeated sessions can make a real difference in reducing pain, stress and anxiety.

“De veilige zorgzaamheid van Greetje en de zachte bewegingen in het water, brachten me in een ultieme ontspanning waarbij ik alle besef van tijd verloor.”-Veerle

Everyone experiences a session differently. For one person it is the ultimate relaxation, another feels his emotions drain away with the water and some people enter a kind of meditative state. The Aqua Relax sessions are given in a swimming pool with body warm water. Very occasionally the circumstances are such that it can even be given in a lagoon in the sea.

The price of an Aqua Relax session of 30 minutes is $50

The price of an Aqua Relax session of 60 minutes is $75

The video below gives an impression of an Aqua Relax session,performed by a colleague.
(Video Daniel Bongard, Watsu Teacher). And no, this lady is not paralyzed, but she is so relaxed that she has released all muscle tension.