Aqua Relax

The ultimate relaxation

Imagine returning to the state of being before you were even born, when your whole world consisted of safe, soft, warm water. This is what Aqua Relax offers you: a chance to experience your natural state of being once again.

Being submerged in water is a unique experience that has a profound effect on the human body. At Aqua Relax, you are carried by the water while I stimulate relaxation through small flowing movements. As you surrender to the carrying capacity of the water, you experience a feeling of total weightlessness, which allows your muscles and nervous system to enter a state of deep relaxation and serenity. Your body and mind come to rest, and you become one with the water.

Aqua Relax sessions are truly a blessing, and repeated sessions can make a real difference in reducing pain, stress and anxiety.

So come and experience the healing power of water at Aqua Relax.

“De veilige zorgzaamheid van Greetje en de zachte bewegingen in het water, brachten me in een ultieme ontspanning waarbij ik alle besef van tijd verloor.”-Veerle

Everyone experiences an Aqua Relax session differently. For one person, it may be the ultimate relaxation, while another may feel their emotions drain away with the water. Some people may even enter a meditative state during the session.

Aqua Relax sessions can be held in your private swimming pool or in a lagoon in the sea, with water warmed to body temperature.

The price of a 60-minute Aqua Relax session is $75.

There are also GIFTCARDS available!

Watch the video below to get an impression of an Aqua Relax session.

Don't be mistaken, the lady in the video is not paralyzed, but she's so relaxed that she has released all muscle tension.